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WSC2: Siliceous rocks and their nomenclature - an interface of mineralogy, petrography and archeology (workshop)

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Invitation and detailed description:
The workshop will take place in the Hungarian National Museum (Budapest, 1088 Múzeum krt. 14-16). Tuesday morning (24 August, 2010, starting from 9 A.M.) is dedicated for the workshop, however, if we need more time, we have the premises for all day.
As convenor and coordinator of WSC2, we would like to make this workshop useful and practical. We believe that the subject is very topical and we are grateful for our keynote speaker, Jens Götze to give an introductory review.
We plan to follow with a short presentation by each participant or all participants from one country (a ten minutes PP presentation) about the different siliceous rock terminology which is used in their own country or which they use/used for their own investigation. If you feel that 10 minutes is too short for expressing yourself, you are encouraged to prepare a poster with all necessary information. It is not a must, anyway, and you should inform Katalin Biró (HNM, on your poster contribution as soon as possible. This way we will get an overview about the diversity of terms used for the same type of siliceous rocks. In such a presentation people can put together their motives and strategy of siliceous rock terminology for discussion. This will be, hopefully, a good platform for the further discussion. During the discussion we together can find and suggest guidelines and "best practice".
Contributions and the outcome of the discussion are planned to be published in the e-journal Archeometriai Műhely/Archaeometry Workshop ( We are interested in all constructive suggestions till the last minute (all communications need to be directed to Katalin T. Biró,
Please feel free to circulate the idea to all those whom you think can be interested in this subject, registration is still open!

Looking forward to having an animated and useful discussion with you,

Josip Halamic (convenor), Katalin T. Biró (coordinator)

Date: August 24 (mid-conference)

Venue: Hungarian National Museum, Budapest (Hungary)

Sponsors: Hungarian National Museum

Contact person: Katalin T. Biró (Hungarian National Museum,

Convenor: Josip Halamić (Croatian Geological Survey)

Invited speakers: Jens Götze

Length (days): 1

Brief summary: Siliceous rocks are significant elements of human material culture from the earliest times. Their investigation involves mineralogical, petrographic and geochemical aspects. As markers of prehistoric and early historic trade and movements, a special branch of provenance studies is emerging for their investigation. A major drawback in these studies is the lack of universal understanding on nomenclature and the lack of proper forum to discuss these issues. The workshop is intended to discuss and give guidelines in the terminology of siliceous rocks to be followed in mineralogical, petrographical and petroarchaeological practice.

No. of sessions: 1 (morning, starting at 9.00 A.M., if needed, will continue in the afternoon)

No. of participants: max. 50

Level (suggested to): researchers

Price per participant: no registration fee (Registration is needed in advance)

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Registration for MECC 2010 attendees: please contact Robert Hohol

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