Field trip keywords

FT keyword FT code
abyssal class pegmatites CZ2
accessory minerals SK1
alkaline basalt HU5
alkaline gabbro HR1
allanite CZ2
Alpine carbonate deposits ATHU1
anhydrite deposits HU6
atmospheric pollution PL1
Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn minerals SK3
Austroalpine continental crust AT1
Balaton Highland HU5
Balkan Peninsula RS1
banatite RO2; RO5
base metal deposits RO3
bauxite sedimentology HU3
beryl CZ2
Brenner fault zone AT2(IT)
brucite deposits RO2
building stones, ancient ~ BG1
building stones, weathering of ~ PL1
Bükk Mts. HU4
carbonate mineralisation ATHU1
carbonate platform HR1
carbonate-hosted MVT zinc-lead deposits PL1
Carpathian Foredeep PL1
cave mineralogy HU2; RO4
cave visit HR1; HU2; HU4; HU6; RO2; RO4; RS2; SI1; SK1; SK2
collision, Cretaceous ~ AT1
contamination CZ2
copper and silver deposits PL3
Cretaceous collision AT1
crustal xenoliths HU5
crystalline rocks, Paleozoic ~ RO1
dacite HU1; HUSK1
deposit, guano ~ RO4
deposits, Alpine carbonate ~ ATHU1
deposits, anhydrite ~ HU6
deposits, base metal ~ RO3
deposits, brucite ~ RO2
deposits, carbonate-hosted MVT zinc-lead ~ PL1
deposits, copper and silver ~ PL3
deposits, epithermal enargite-luzonite ~ HU6
deposits, gold ~ RO3
deposits, hydrothermal precious and base metal ~ RO1; SK3
deposits, illite ~ HUSK1
deposits, magnesite ~ ATHU1
deposits, magnesite-talc SK2
deposits, manganese ~ ATHU1; RO1
deposits, mercury ~ SI1
deposits, metasomatic siderite ~ ATHU1; HU6
deposits, Miocene salt ~ PL1
deposits, ore ~ RO1; RO3; SI1; SK2; SK3
deposits, perlite ~ HUSK1
deposits, polymetallic ore ~ CZ3
deposits, porphyry copper ~ RO3; RS2
deposits, porphyry copper and molybdenum ~ BG1
deposits, precious opal ~ HUSK1
deposits, sedimentary zinc-lead ~ SI1
deposits, strata-bound tungsten ~ AT3
deposits, sulphur ~ RO1
diagenetic alteration HU3
Dinaride Ophiolite Belt RS1
Ditrău Massif RO1
dumortierite CZ2
Eastern Alps AT1; AT3
eclogite type locality AT1
elbaite CZ2
environmental impacts / pollustion CZ3; SK2
Eoalpine metamorphic event AT2(IT)
epithermal enargite-luzonite deposits HU6
Fore-Sudetic Block PL2; PL3
Fore-Sudetic Monocline PL3
garnet CZ2
geochronology AT1
geology of Kraków area PL1
geothermobarometry AT1
glauconite formation RS2
gold deposits RO3
Gold Museum RO3; RO5
granite RO2
granitic pegmatites CZ2; PL2
granodiorite RO2
guano deposit RO4
gypsum RO4
high-sulphidation epithermal gold-copper deposits BG1; RS2
history of mining education HU4; SK3
hydrothermal caves HU2
hydrothermal mineralization HU2
hydrothermal precious and base metal deposits RO1; SK3
igenous petrology RO1; RO5CZ2; HR1; HU5; RO2; RS1; RS2; SK1; PL2
illite deposits HUSK1
Island Arc Volcanics RO2
karst hydrogeology HU4
karst water protection HU4
Kupferschiefer PL3
laccolith HU1
Late Cretaceous-Paleogene magmatism RO5
lava lakes HU5
LCT and NYF family pegmatites CZ2
lepidolite CZ2
Lower Permian volcanism PL3
low-sulphidation epithermal systems HUSK1
maar HU5
magnesite deposits ATHU1
magnesite-talc deposits SK2
manganese deposits ATHU1; RO1
mantle peridotite RS1
mantle xenoliths HU5
mercury deposits SI1
Mesolithic archeological site RS2
Mesozoic age RO2
Mesozoic magmatics RO1
Metaliferi Mts. RO3
metallurgy CZ3
metallurgy, early copper ~ BG1
metallurgy, early gold ~ BG1
metamorphic petrology AT1; AT2(IT)RO1; SI1; SK1
metamorphism, UHP ~ SI1
metasomatic siderite deposits ATHU1; HU6
Mid-Adriatic islands HR1
mid-ocean ridge RS1
mineral collecting CZ3
mineral processing of tungsten ores AT3
mineralogical exhibitions BG1CZ2; CZ3; HU6; HUSK1; PL2; RO1; RO3; RO5; SI1; SK3
mineralogy of waste PL1
mining heritage CZ2; CZ3; HU3; PL1; RO3; RS2; SI1; SK1; SK3
Miocene salt deposits PL1
mixing corrosion HU2
monuments, ancient ~ BG1; RO2; RS2
monuments, medieval ~ CZ2; CZ3; RO1; RO2; RO3; RO4; RO5; RS1; SK1; SK3
monuments of Kraków PL1
Neogene volcanics RO1; RO3
nephrite PL2
obsidian ("marekanite") HUSK1
open-air museum HU1
ophiolites RO2; RS1
ore deposits RO1; RO3; SI1; SK2; SK3
ore deposits, polymetallic ~ CZ3
ore genesis AT3
ore mineralogy BG1; CZ3; HU6; PL1; PL3; RO1; RO5; SI1; SK2
Ötztal Complex AT2(IT)
palaeohydrology HU3
Paleozoic crystalline rocks RO1
pegmatites, granitic ~ CZ2; PL2
Penninic oceanic crust AT1
perlite deposits HUSK1
petrology PL3
phosphates RO4
phreatomagmatic lava flows HR1
polymetallic ore deposits CZ3
polymetamorphism AT1
porphyry copper and molybdenum deposits BG1
porphyry copper deposits RO3; RS2
precious opal deposits HUSK1
prehnite, gem quality ~ HR1
REE pegmatites CZ2; PL2
remediation SK2
rhyolite HUSK1
rock-forming minerals SK1
rodingite PL2
Roman mining works RO3
salt mining RO4
sarcopside PL2
Sb-Au veins SK2
schorl CZ2
science history HU4
secondary copper minerals HU6; SK1
sedimentary zinc-lead deposits SI1
serpentinite PL2
siderite-sulphide veins SK2
skarns PL2; RO5
speleology HU2; RO4
speleology (cave visit) HR1; HU4; HU6; RO2; RS2; SI1; SK1; SK2
strata-bound tungsten deposits AT3
subduction, Tertiary ~ AT1
Sudetes (Sudety) Mts. PL2; PL3
sulphur deposits RO1
supra-subduction zone RS1
Tauern window AT3
tectonic structure AT1
tectonic windows AT1
tectonics HU3
Tertiary subduction AT1
Thracian culture BG1
Timok Magmatic Complex RS2
traditional architecture BG1; HU1; RS1
tungsten ores, mineral processing of ~ AT3
UHP metamorphism SI1
Vardar Zone Ophiolite Belt RS1
Variscan orogen AT2(IT)
viticulture / viniculture BG1; HU4; HU5; HU6; HUSK1
volcanic activity, development of ~ PL3
volcanic petrology HU1; RO3; SK3
volcanics, Neogene ~ RO1; RO3
waste mineralogy PL1
weathering of building stones PL1
Wieliczka Salt Mine PL1
within-plate magmatism HR1
xenoliths, crustal ~ HU5
xenoliths, mantle ~ HU5
zeolite deposits HUSK1
zeolites HU1