Full list of field trips, arranged by field trip codes (countries)

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Colours correspond to the timing of the trip: oo ooo = pre-conference ooo ooo = mid-conference ooo ooo = post-conference

Post-C. 4 days Metamorphism in the Eastern Alps OPEN
AT2(IT) Pre-C. 2 days Transect through the Eastern Alps: Petrology and geology in the surroundings of the Brenner Base Tunnel OPEN
AT3 Pre-C. 3 days Tungsten deposit Felbertal, Salzburg, Austria OPEN
ATHU1 Post-C. 3 days Alpine carbonate mining sites (Manganese mine at Úrkút, Hungary, magnesite and siderite deposits of the Palaeozoic Greywacke Zone, Austria) OPEN
BG1 Post-C. 5 days Gold, copper mining and geoarcheology in Central Bulgaria OPEN
CZ2 Post-C. 5 days Granitic pegmatites and mineralogical museums in Czech Republic OPEN
CZ3 Post-C. 3 days Příbram and Kutná Hora mining districts - from historical mining to recent environmental impact OPEN
HR1 Post-C. 4+ days Triassic magmatism within the Adriatic-Dinaric carbonate platform OPEN
HU1 Mid-C. 1 day Zeolite mineralization of the dacite laccolith of Csódi Hill, Dunabogdány and sightseeing in the Danube Bend OPEN
HU2 Mid-C. 1 day Mineralogy and speleology of the Szemlőhegy and Mátyáshegy Caves, Budapest OPEN
HU3 Mid-C. 1 day Bauxite deposits of the Vértes Hills, Hungary OPEN
HU4 Mid-C. 1 day Minerals, history and wines OPEN
HU5 Post-C. 2 days From maars to lava lakes: Ultramafic and granulite xenoliths associated with the alkaline basaltic volcanism of the Pannonian Basin OPEN
HU6 Pre-C. 3 days Mineralizations in Mesozoic-Tertiary volcanic and sedimentary units of NE Hungary (with a tour in the Baradla Cave, Aggtelek) OPEN
HUSK1 Pre-C. 3 days Minerals and vineyards: Tokaj Mts. (Hungary) and Slanské vrchy Mts. (Slovakia) OPEN
PL1 Post-C. 4 days Mineral deposits of the Fore-Carpathian region and weathering processes of monuments in polluted atmosphere in Kraków (SW Poland) OPEN
PL2 Pre-C. 5 days Mineralogy of Lower Silesia, Poland OPEN
PL3 Post-C. 4 days Lower Permian volcanism in the Sudetes Mts. and Kupferschiefer-type ore deposits in the Fore-Sudetic Monocline, Poland OPEN
RO1 Pre-C. 6 days Ore deposits and other classic localities in the Eastern Carpathians: From metamorphics to volcanics OPEN
RO2 Post-C. 5 days Mesozoic ophiolites and granitoids in the Apuseni Mts. OPEN
RO3 Pre-C. 5 days Neogene volcanics in the Apuseni Mts.: Historical mines and gold deposits OPEN
RO4 Pre-C. 5 days Cave minerals in Romania OPEN
RO5 Post-C. 5 days Classic skarn localities of Romania: Contact metamorphism and mineralisation related to Late Cretaceous magmatism OPEN
RS1 Pre-C. 5 days Ophiolites of the Dinarides and the Vardar Zone: Central and West Serbia OPEN
RS2 Post-C. 3 days Early Cretaceous glauconite formation, magmatism and metallogeny of the Eastern Serbian part of the Carpatho-Balkanides OPEN
SI1 Pre-C. 4 days Selected ore deposits, igneous and metamorphic rocks from the Eastern Alps, Slovenia OPEN
SK1 Pre-C. 5 days Rock-forming and accessory minerals as tracers of magmatic and metamorphic evolution in the main tectonic units of the Western Carpathians OPEN
SK2 Post-C. 3 days Slovak Ore Mountains: Hydrothermal mineralization and environmental impacts of mining OPEN
SK3 Post-C. 2 days Classic localities in the Central Slovakian Volcanic Field: Gold, silver and base metal mineralizations and mining history at Banská Štiavnica and Kremnica OPEN